We are aware of how difficult it is to choose a carer for your child that you cannot be with your child during the day, you cannot spend as much time as you think it is necessary and you cannot play games. Because, like you, we have children and we know how parents feel for their children. We were afraid of the flames in the middle of the night, coughs that did not go away in a short time hurt, our child suddenly jumped out of the road felt like going to our hearts. We talked about the babysitter and communicated with people who think about it. Therefore, make sure that Damla Human Resources understands you.

We’re pretty sure you’ve had a lot of experience until you find the right babysitter. We would like to help you find a carer more easily. The choice of the person who will take care of your child’s feeding, resting, playing, learning things is of course very important and not easy. You may have special requests; maybe you want your child to start studying foreign languages ​​or develop an existing talent. The ideal place for all this is your own home; this means that you will find a punctual and responsible childminder who will be at home at the exact time on the day you agree. The caregiver must not have an infectious disease or interfere with his / her job; The caregiver’s mental health should be in place, balanced and consistent. He should be a clean person, know how to feed a child, and be patient with an appetite or a grumpy child. Having a fun, positive character and a cheerful carer makes a great contribution to your child’s happiness. Instead of taking care of your child, you don’t want a babysitter to leave your child to linger about something; You’re right. You entrust your caregiver with your most important asset.

In short, finding a reliable caregiver is quite difficult. However, working with a legal, referenced and experienced human resources firm like Damla Consulting will provide you with much less difficulty than others. There is no doubt that we will find the most suitable person among the carefully selected qualified people in our portfolio. Damla human resources are always with you with our child development graduate candidates and our elder sister and carers who are experts in their fields.