We all want our child to grow up well and speak good English. Thanks to a Philippine babysitter, your child will soon be able to speak English. In many countries in the world, Filipino caregivers and Filipino nannies are preferred by families. One of the most important reasons is that they are disciplined. Filipino babysitter fees vary from $ 1000 based on the experience and training of the Filipino childminder. If you are looking for Filipino babysitter, you are in the right place.

As a company with 20 years of experience, our caretakers work in the homes of our senior families. Filipino helpers are also preferred for house cleaning. If you are looking for a Filipino carer, you can call us at 0212-2915356.

10 Reasons to Choose Filipino Caregiver

Need a qualified helper to care for one of your family elders or your child? Is it important to you that your child learn English early? Are you looking for a clean, meticulous and resourceful helper for household chores? Then Filipino caregivers may be the right choice for you. If you would like to know more about the reasons for this advice, read this article and you will find 10 answers below to the question “Why Filipino caregiver?..

1.English: Since one of the official languages ​​in the country is English, Filipino carers are attractive to families who want their child to start practicing English at an early age.

2. Discipline: Filipinos are known to be people who perform their work in a very disciplined and meticulous manner. Do not consider this as a hard and repressive attitude to your child. Filipino nannies know how to give children a pleasant time; their discipline is related to conducting things such as studying, sleeping and meal times in a certain order.

3. Courtesy: Philippine childminders have a natural courtesy of the culture they receive.

4. Respect and tolerance: One of the reasons why families prefer Filipino caregivers is their respectful and understanding attitude. A Filipino caregiver does not raise small things, does not make unnecessary protests against his employers.

5. Far Eastern food: Do you like exotic flavors? Are you willing to try different cuisines? Then agree with a Filipino helper who is ambitious in making his country’s food, and you will be pleased with the result.

6. Residential caregiver service: You can find day care staff among Filipino caregivers as well as residential caregivers.

7.Quality of service: Did you know that the majority of the employees of many luxury cruise ships are Filipinos? The individuals of these islands state are also known for their successful performance in the service sector.

8. Dynamism / Energy: Filipino caregivers, who usually have a petite and agile physique, do their job energetically and practically.

9.Cleaning and care: Filipino caregivers are self-respecting, self-caring, always clean and dressed properly.

10.Love, compassion and cheerfulness: children with a Filipino nanny, elderly people with a Filipino nanny are lucky; because there will always be someone around them who always laughs and shows compassion and kindness to them.