Of course you want your child to spend quality and fun time with a college play sister, to take a reliable and cultured young model and to start learning a foreign language at a young age. Many families are extremely pleased with their contribution to the lives of their sisters, helping these children to develop their hand skills, improving their horizons and creativity, and spending their time with educational games. Damla Consultancy is happy to help you and your children with its playful sister team of educated and reliable students. If you want to talk to those who have the qualifications you want and start a good process for your child, we are as far away as a phone call.

If your child is autistic, you have done a lot of research on autism with great disregard, and you know that autistic children need intensive special education. A playful sister who is a university student can provide your child with many things that she needs. Your play sister will comply if you tell her in writing and verbally how your educated babysitter should treat your child, what she should try to teach, and more likely to help her develop. In this way, the program your child sees at school is continued outside the school and is reinforced by your child. The education of children with autism at school is below what it should be, and these knowledgeable and talented sisters will be your biggest help in closing this gap.

How much time your sister spends with your child depends on your wishes. Game sisters support you by spending time with your child when you can’t spend it with your child. Some families prefer boarding babysitters and reserve a room at home. Some families want a shorter service. Sometimes parents have to attend an invitation or they want to go to the cinema together and they need a play sister to take care of their children during this time. Some families choose young people who have a good command of English or another language or who are interested in an art branch and want them to pass on their interest to their children. As Damla Human Resources, we are pleased to meet your every request.